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Table Crashing

Visualize this: you’re sitting outside, enjoying a glass of wine, admiring the view, looking at the stars. It’s summer, it’s 25°C (77°F) and around 10 pm.

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Fooled… Again.

I spotted it out of the corner of my eye, as I was picking up some keys from the top of a piece of furniture we have in the entrance…

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Trapped overnight with loads to eat, but nothing to drink.

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Dinner for one

A tragedy for one, dinner for another.

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A talented singer

It was summer. At that period of the year, the sky is bright by 4:30 am. I was awake, not much choice about it since the bedroom windows face east. It was so bright in there that one could have read even though the metal blinds were shut.

That’s when I heard it…

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Intruder Alert!

It’s funny the way we “see”. At first we did not notice it. What we noticed was a series of unusual little… pellets on top of the baseboard.

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Being Invisible

We were moving some boxes, the other day, and coming up the back pathway when Ben spotted a young field mouse among the gravel at the edge of the path.

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Quails, quails, quails everywhere

Quails are everywhere here, from early spring until the late fall. They are also around in winter, but are not seen as readily. The females usually walk around, preoccupied with their search for things to eat. Very often, they are so distracted that they will walk into the oddest place, including the garage, the verandah…

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Cinnamon Bear

For a reason that escapes me, my garage is an interesting place for all sorts of animals. I spend a fair amount of time in there from the spring until early winter, building this or that for use somewhere on the estate or at the B&B.

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A Taste For Doormats

Out of their burrow in the spring, marmots roam all over the place until late fall. The largest member of the squirrel family, the marmot is approximately the size of an overweight housecat, but has shorter legs.

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