Forgotten Hill Bed & Breakfast

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Naramata, B.C


in Naramata, B.C.
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Using GPS:

Forgotten Hill Bed & Breakfast is located at 3960 Cottonwood Lane, and that address should be in all current vehicle navigation systems and phone GPS systems. If that address doesn’t work try the one below as it has existed longer:

3950 Cottonwood Lane, Naramata BC, Canada

This should work with slightly older GPS data files and most  built-in car navigation systems.

Alternatively, use the GPS coordinates:
49° 35′ 59″ North            119° 34′ 3″ West
On some GPS units, input as:
N49.599722     W119.5675
49° 35.983′ N      119° 34.05′ W

These coordinates will take you to the gates of the property.

The detailed directions that follow can also be downloaded (Directions in PDF format)

Naramata is 15 kilometers North of Penticton, on the East side of Okanagan Lake. The travel time between Penticton and Naramata is approximately 15 to 20 minutes, depending on traffic.


From Penticton to Naramata

Arriving from the North Highway 97 turns sharply east into Penticton and becomes Eckhardt Avenue. Follow Eckhardt Avenue as it crosses Railway Street, Winnipeg Street, Martin Street, Main Street and Government Street. Eckhardt Avenue ends just past Government Street, turning to the left and becoming Haven Hill Road.

Although the name of the road keeps changing, the road itself is easy to follow as it is the major road. At the end of Haven Hill Road, a short section, the road to Naramata takes a sharp right onto Johnson Road, changing name once again after a few blocks and taking a sharp left, to Upper Bench Road where you will pass a number of wineries.

Upper Bench Road has a stop sign as it intersects McMillan Avenue. You will need to turn right on McMillan Avenue passing another couple of wineries. Immediately after Township 7, the road veers to the left and becomes Naramata Road.

Follow Naramata Road as it winds through vineyards and orchards. You will pass the many wineries that are part of the Naramata Bench as well as a couple of distilleries. 

As you near Naramata, a large wooden sign for the Village of Naramata will be on the right side of the road. The road forks soon after the sign. The left side of the fork is Robinson Avenue, which heads down into Naramata Village while North Naramata Road is on the right, in the direction of Chute Lake. Follow North Naramata Road for a short distance (1 block) until you see Smethurst Road which is the first road on your right. Smethurst Road is a bit hard to spot, but there is a highway sign for Forgotten Hill B&B approximately 200 ft. (60 m) before the road that lets you know it’s coming up.

Follow Smethurst Road up the hill. You will pass the Nichol Farm Winery and Daydreamer Wines on your left as you head up the hill. Smethurst Road is an old road that coils up the hill side. In parts it’s quite narrow so be careful with oncoming traffic.

As you climb up Smethurst, you will reach the famed KVR trail, the old track bed of the Kettle Valley Railroad that used to serve most of the southern part of British Columbia and is now part of the Trans Canada Trail. Follow Smethurst Road as it continues past the KVR parking lot for Trail visitors (on your right), going over the slats of the cattleguard. Cottonwood Lane will be on your left a bit further up the hill. It has a road sign. The first part of Cottonwood Lane is a gravel road.

As you reach the end of Cottonwood Lane and the entrance area to Cottonwood Estate, the road is paved once again.

An intercom stand is on your left as you approach the black gates of the property. This is where you enter your gate code.


Your Reservation Confirmation e-mail contained a Gate Access Code; please enter it on the right-side intercom key pad, above the address “3960”Cottonwood Lane.

Should you encounter a problem, press the CALL button on the other (left-side) intercom and someone will let you into the property.

Once past the gates, please follow the signs for Forgotten Hill. Keep going past the first house that is on your right  after getting into the property.

Forgotten Hill Bed & Breakfast is a bit more than 500 m (1,650 ft.) from the entrance gates.