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Fighting The Coronavirus

At Forgotten Hill, we are suppressing the transmission of the Coronavirus by not only following the procedures recommended by Health Authorities, but also by sterilizing each room with powerful UV-C lamps (shown at right) between guests ‘stays. The remote-controlled UV-C lamp we use is designed to produce ozone and sterilize 40 m² in 1 hour…

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No Electricity? Big Problem.

We lost power for some hours, a few days ago. When we lose power here, at Cottonwood Estate and Forgotten Hill B&B, it has serious implications. It means not only do we not have electricity for lighting or cooking, we also lose our cordless phones, computers and the internet. Indeed, all we are left with…

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Trapped overnight with loads to eat, but nothing to drink.

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Out of the Ordinary

Living here, on this big property and so close to nature, we often get to see some of the interesting aspects of nature. But even by our standards, the 1st of June 2016 was memorable…

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Fight or Flight

We have a woodpecker that has been spending the “night hours”, all 14 of them at this time of the year, holding on to the stucco surface that is part of the end of the veranda by our kitchen…

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True Story

Risky pursuits for what should be a non-working day…

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Pretty, cute, and not so dumb.

Starting in early April there are quails everywhere on Cottonwood Estate, where Forgotten Hill B&B is located. At first there are only adult quails. The females walk around clucking softly while the males call loudly. To my ears, many of the males seem to be calling “McGregor! McGregor! McGregor!”; which gives me the impression that they’re hocking McGregor socks……

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A bad start to the day

We all have the occasional bad day…

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A strange noise

The phone rings and I answer.
“There is a problem with the toilet in the Elephant Room” she announces at the other end.
“What kind of problem?” I ask cautiously. I tend to be cautious with problems. Problems can go only two ways: minor, or major. So anytime there is a “problem”, I’m careful.

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Population increase

Some events are expected.

Others, less so…

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