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A Bookstore that’s worth the visit

A great way to spend a couple of hours (or more).


The aptly named “The Book Shop“, at 242 Main Street in Penticton, was founded by Bruce Stevenson in 1974. Stevenson, originally from Penticton, was a teacher in Vancouver, and had traveled the world extensively prior to starting a career as a teacher.

The Book Store is one of the largest used book stores in Canada, offering 5000 square feet of books from floor to ceiling. Books range from new to used, and include some rare and out-of-print, literally covering every subject conceivable.

The fun begins once you set foot through the door: there are books everywhere, which is not surprising in a book shop, but what is, is the sheer quantity of books. Even more amazing, is that they are organized in a clear and logical fashion. Any of the people working in the store will direct you quickly to an aisle or a section, as all know where everything is located. In our experience, however, simply wandering up and down the store’s aisles, picking-up and browsing volumes that catch the eye is simply more enjoyable than a targeted shopping trip.

We can almost guarantee that you’ll walk out with something that you would have never thought of buying, but that you’ll be pleased with.

We also recommend that you check out their website. It’s well-put together, and informative of both the store, and its people.