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Naramata, B.C

Explore Cottonwood Estate

Cottonwood Estate, where Forgotten Hill Bed & Breakfast is located, is a large property. We have been working at bringing back the property to as close to a natural state as possible, although it was logged mercilessly since the 1920’s. Now, nearly 10 years after we took it over, nature has had time to do some clean-up.

Cottonwood Estate

Cottonwood Estate, where Forgotten Hill Bed & Breakfast is located, is a large family-owned 60 hectares (148 acres) property that is spread out on the hill directly above the village of Naramata. The situation of the estate allows it to offer commanding views over this beautiful part of the South Okanagan. Cottonwood Estate itself is named after the tall…

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Hikes on Cottonwood Estate

Cottonwood Estate is a great place to hike. At 60 hectares (148 acres), it offers a landscape that climbs gently from 600 m to 778 m (1,968 to 2552 feet) over a distance of 963 m (3,159 feet). The landscape is composed mostly of short rises followed by near level small plateau areas. In use for…

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The Flora at Cottonwood Estate

These are all plants that grow on our property, some native to the land and some not native but growing quite happily. In order to grow contentedly these plants must be able to handle cold in the winter, heat and dry weather in summer, wind and sandy or gravely soil. Common name: Arrow- leaved balsamroot Latin…

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