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Population increase

You may have wondered why Forgotten Hill is closed this winter; or not. After all, Forgotten Hill was open last winter, and a number of guests took advantage of it to get away for a couple of days without having to drive over the passes, be it to the west or east. It is glorious here in winter, if you like being inside and looking out at the view; or if you are the hardy type that can bundle-up and take a brisk walk in the clean crisp air. So why did we close this winter?

Well, on November 6th 2014, at 8:38 am, Maya, Forgotten Hill’s Innkeeper and supernatural cook, gave birth to Clara Rose.

The following morning on November 7th, Hayley, Maya’s sister-in-law in Vancouver, gave birth to twins at around 9:30 am. Charlotte was born first quickly followed by Alexander, two minutes later. These two arrived a month early. (Most likely because they were outgrowing their residence…)

For the grand-parents, Cherry and Denys, these two days added three grand-children, bringing the total count to five. These events prompted Grandma to turn into a puddle, and Grandpa to declare that the family was ready to start a new country; which is possible since Cottonwood Estate is considerably larger than Vatican City (44 hectares for Vatican City versus 60 hectares for Cottonwood Estate, although the latter is nowhere near as rich as the former).

Let us present the new cast, in order of appearance:


<center><strong>Clara Gauthier.</strong></center>

Charlotte (right) and Alexander (left).
And the other more senior actors that they join on stage:

Lilianne (Lili), an adorable almost 3 years old.

Liam Bouton, a daring 2½ years old.
Liam, a daring 2½ years old.


We hope that now our closure makes sense!

From all of us, to all of you, our best wishes for the holidays.