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The Naramata Bench Wineries

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DSC00039The Naramata Bench, as it applies to wineries, describes the area that begins near the north east side of Penticton and extending to Paradise Ranch, a distance of some 16 kilometres as the crow flies, which is just south of Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park.

The Okanagan valley was created by receding glaciers and the glacial lake Penticton in the Pleistocene Epoch.  The benches that surround Okanagan Lake are terraces that were formed by the periodic lowering of Glacial Lake Penticton. These benches can be correlated from one side of the valley to the other and are composed mainly of silt, clay and sand.

The Naramata Bench Wineries

The list below is the wineries that are located on the east side of Okanagan Lake.  They are organized with Naramata as the starting point. A link to each winery’s website is included:

Nichol Vineyard
1285 Smethurst Rd., Naramata
Phone: 250-496-5962
Serendipity Winery
990 Debeck Rd. , Naramata
Phone: 250-496-5299
Therapy Vineyards
940 Debeck Rd. , Naramata
Phone: 250-496-5217
Kettle Valley Winery
2988 Hayman Rd., Naramata
Phone: 250-496-5962
Van Westen Vineyards
2800A Aikins Loop, Naramata
Phone: 250-496-0067
Lang Vineyards
2493 Gammon Rd. , Naramata
Phone: 778-514‑5598
Deep Roots Winery
884 Tillar Rd. , Naramata
Phone: 250-463-2390
Elephant  Island Orchard Wines
2730 Aikins Loop, Naramata
Phone: 250-496-5522
Lake Breeze Vineyards
930 Sammet Rd. , Naramata
Phone: 250-496-5659
Marichel Vineyard
1016 Littlejohn Rd, Naramata
Phone: 250-496-4133
D’Angelo Estate Winery
979 Lochore Rd., Penticton
Phone: 250- 493-1364
Moraine Estate Winery
1865 Naramata Rd. , Penticton
Phone: 778-476-7688
Bench 1775 at Paradise Beach Vineyards
1775 Naramata Rd., Penticton
Phone: 250-490-4965
Terravista Vineyards
1853 Sutherland Rd., Naramata
Phone: 778-476-6011
Black Widow Winery
1630 Naramata Rd., Penticton
Phone: 250-487-2347
Laughing Stock Vineyards (open by appointment)
1548 Naramata Rd., Penticton
Phone: 250-496-5660
Tightrope Winery
1050 Fleet Street, Penticton
Phone: 250-462-3134
Howling Bluff Estate Winery
1086 Three Mile Rd., Penticton
Phone: 250.490.3640
Quidni Estate Winery
1465 Naramata Rd., Penticton
Phone: 250-490-5251
Hillside Winery & Bistro
1350 Naramata Rd., Penticton
Phone: 250- 493-6274
Lock & Worth Winery
1060 Poplar Grove Rd., Penticton
Phone: 250-492-4575
Ruby Blues Winery
917 Naramata Rd., Penticton
Phone: 250-276-5311
Red Rooster Winery
891 Naramata Rd., Penticton
Phone: 250- 492-2424
La Frenz Winery
1525 Randolf Rd., Penticton
Phone: 250- 492–6690
Township 7 Winery
1450 McMillan Ave., Penticton
Phone: 250- 770-1743
Misconduct Wine Company
375 Upper Bench Rd., Penticton
Phone: 800-851-0903
Upper Bench Estate Winery
170 Upper Bench Rd., Penticton
Phone: 250-770-1733
Poplar Grove Winery
425 Middle Bench Rd., Penticton
Phone: 250-493-9463
Monster Vineyards
1010 Tupper Ave., Penticton
Phone: 250-496-5962
Perseus Winery
134 Lower Bench Rd. Penticton
Phone: 250-490-8829